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Two Nickels Photography


Family Photos

$170 (up to 8 people, $195 for 9+)

Now is the time to take photos of your loved ones....right now.  Don't wait for the perfect moment, the kids to be showered and wearing their best clothes, your pants to be size smaller.  Don't wait.  You are beautiful right now, in this moment.  

If you have a family reunion planned, or it's just a regular, ordinary day - make a plan to capture your family in photos you'll cherish.

Edited images will be delivered to you in a secure online gallery with copyright release. The images will be yours to share or print as you wish. 

Senior Portraits


We will work together to set up a convenient photoshoot in Brunswick or the surrounding area.  After the session, I will painstakingly edit the best photos and deliver the final images to you in a secure online gallery.  The images will be yours to share or print as you wish.

Wedding/Event Photography

Please contact me for customized pricing

Not sure what you want?  Have a tight budget?  Contact me and I'm sure we can figure it out.  I can work with any size budget.  

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