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Two Nickels Photography

Sheryl Loeffler Palese

Brunswick, Maine based photographer

The photos I have taken make me smile, laugh, sigh....remember.  When I have my camera out sometimes my kids run away and sometimes they dutifully flash a smile for me.  Either way I love the outcome because it's a moment in time I can look back on.  Sometimes my favorite photos are the moments that happen in between the posed moments - the kids dissolving into laughter or looking at each there with shared annoyance as if to say "How many pictures our crazy mom going to take?"  I always keep my camera at-the-ready to preserve these crazy moments.  

I am a self-taught photographer.  I learn from reading about the subject and trying things. The giddy feeling I get after a shoot when I am sitting down to my computer to see what magic I have captured is one of the best feelings in the world.   Most of my editing happens late at night, just me and the cats in the living room, and more than once I have found myself laughing or crying while viewing the images.  

I would love to help you document the milestones in your family's life - everyday occasions, family photos, back-to-school, photos for Christmas cards, high school senior portraits, you name it.  

I can work with any budget.  I know that if I didn't take photos of my family I personally wouldn't be able to afford professional photos.  I know many outstanding local photographers who's work I greatly admire and they are worth every penny.

This is how I work:  I will take lots and lots of photos, select the best to edit further, and upload all edited photos to a secure gallery.  The images are then yours to print or share as you wish.  We live in a digital world and sometimes all you want are some nice images to share on Facebook or email to distant family and friends.  You can download the images to print anywhere you want  - although i will tell you that the print quality is much better at a professional lab like SmugMug.  The images you see in the gallery will look exactly like the ones you order from SmugMug.  However if you choose to print at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco etc -the photos will have differences in color and quality.  Still, it's your choice!  

Message me with any questions you have and we can take it from there!

Click here to view my portfolio.

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